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Welcome to Huangshan!
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The Festival celebration of Huangshan

>>International tour stanza of Chinese Yellow Mountain
It will be hold once in Huangshan City in October Every year. The main contents have: The trip of landscape in Yellow Mountain, the trip of ancient people's houses, the trip of Chinese history cultural city---An Country, the trip of religion of Taoism holy land---Qiyun Mountain, the trip of the Peace Lake--- Thousand Islands Lake, still have the people's customs perform of Weizhou, the calligraphy and painting exhibition in Yellow Mountain, the tour photographs excellent products exhibition in Yellow Mountain, the famous good products, local special product articles and the tour products of Anhui exhibition etc.

>>Chongyang temple fair
It is the Linxi Town's traditional temple fair in the near suburb of Tunxi. It lasts 3 days; September 9 of Chinese calendar is a positive day. In this day, the good believers of four countries and eight towns form into groups to rush through to come to do obeisance Zhouwang bodhisattva, and bring various agriculture by-products and the handicraft industry products to carry on the bargain. In the period of the temple fair, take the set to sing an opera, sing to the sunrise from the sunset, all night till dawn, it is very noisy. After found a nation, the temple fair becomes the commodity fair of the agriculture by-products and the handicraft industry articles.

>>Shangjiu temple fair
Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan died on January 9 of Chinese calendar in Tang Dynasty, the Yanshi Town in Weizhou District holds the temple fair in memorial in the day every year, so called Shangjiu temple fair. It lasts three days, begins on eighth, ends on tenth. In the period of the temple fair, hold activities of the visiting absolute being, the fiesta absolute being, take the set to sing an opera, the mongers everyplace also come to rush through the meeting, decorate the stands, various agriculture vice- soil special product articles and farm implements, the general merchandise complete with everything. Now Shangjiu temple fair has already lost the meaning of originally in hounr of Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan, cancels the visiting absolute being activity, becomes the annual supplies exchanges meeting.

>>Wuchang temple fair
The Wuchang temple fair of Haiyang in Xiuning Country is on May 1st of Chinese calendar. Then the common people of four countries come to Haiyang to burn the joss stick, the imprecation five Chang absolute being lords exorcise to dispel evil, eliminate to be fierce to turn lucky. Green, white, black, red, yellow, blue each color of turquoise the ensign son flaunt, Shijingdan, Sujingpai, Wanminshan, Zhizhazhu Maniuyangouxiang, Pailougenshang, next are a place drama troops, the miscellaneous play troops. This temple fair originated in the beginning of Ming Dynasty. Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang once beat the block to saw war for several years in Wannan, many of soldiers and common people died. After being the emperor, he issuesed order the common people of China-Nan, the every village set up small temples of five Chinese foot, falling in action soldiers " five artificial five", be subjected to common people's oblation. Ming History record the Royal to offer sacrifices to" an ex- is behind Wuchang of the absolute being " to say. Pass from generation to generation thus, then becomes the very prosperous joss stick Wuchang temple temple fair.

>>Liangchuan Meeting
The fishing people of Yuliang in An County are every time in September or October of Chinese calendar, merge with two wood ships a double, unload to the ship roof, use the bamboo wood system, put with gauze outside, become the stations, towers, buildings, pavilions, memorial arches, carps...etc., inside light the candles. The lights' side is a music band, the sound of music and song play together, deafening din of gongs and drums. There are total six-double ships, still have the quite a few of wood boats to follow afterward. The session is in the Lian River of the Yuliang Dam, each roam about at pleasure one night. A light and light's shade are very sublime. The bright ships are called Shuioyou again, still having the Hanyou at the same time, namely the country people on the coast play the lights and respect various bodhisattva. In the river and on the coasts, the Shuiyou and Hanyou hand over with drought mutually the reflecting, the wonderful interesting is endless, the common people of four countries swarm about to appreciate, it is uncommon noisy.

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