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Welcome to Huangshan!
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Huangshan Cuisine

The food of Huangshan belongs to the dish department of Weizhou. The dish of Wei is one of the eight greatest dishe departments in the whole country, was prosper in South Song, originated in the An County, it shows its special features to boil the wild animals. The dish of Wei excels to burn, braise, steam in cooking the method, pay attention to the condiment, heavy fire, promote the original flavor and juice. Heavy oil, to moisten the appetite and skins; Heavy color, build up the result of appreciation beauty; attain the united result of color, joss-stick, flavor.

The introduces of some special features snack

It was created in the region of the Lingbneichuanzhuangh, Songjia and shihou firstly, have the characteristics of thin, long, soft and slippery, the flavor is fresh, beautiful and tasty. The time of the manufacture of noddles is after the Shuabfjiang every year, the work preface that create are crumpling the flour, dishing separately, hanging chopsticks, Chujisa...etc. Each 10 catties of flour adds 7 or 8 Liang table salts, use the water and flour to make the conglobation, then pour on the front-panel, cut into with the knife, rub the thin dish to put in the wood basin or the pottery basin, the each layer draws up the hemp seed oil, vegetable oil, calling the dish; Rub thin again, two rounds up the bamboo chopsticks, put in the Guamian box; the chopsticks noodles inserts the wood of the specially made up, pull and drag downwards by hands, noodles become thin from thick, pull thin like the fragrant sort of line, can sun then, then take the knife, follow the bamboo pipe to pare bottom. The Jixiguamian lasts a hundred years, wins the people like with its special taste fancy.

>>The fermented bean curd of Weizhou
It is called the big and foolish smelly. It is rumored that it was created by Wang Zhihe who was the people of Weizhou of Qing Dynasty in 1669. He set up the Zhihexiang bean curd store in the capital city, conduct the big and foolish smelly. After the Kangxi Emperor tasted with the big and foolish smelly of Zhihexiang, was full of praise, wrote in person "green square" two words to grant Wang Zhihe. The big and foolish smelly of Weizhou was famous greatly from then. The fermented bean curd of Weizhou everyplace grew profusely and quickly, often are grand up to now, became division into three divide it power with Chouqianzhang of Shaoxing in Zhejiang and the smelly fragrant stem in Huainan of Anhui, enjoys high prestige the world. The big and foolish smelly of Weizhou, the surface is comprehensive color of ash, blue and black, the inside mile is pure exotic fragrance if jade, smell smelly, eating have a lot of tastes only. To taste this geezer delicacies, only have to come to the Huangshan.

The upper stream of Xinan River that flows Huangshan City produces the mandarin perch, this kind of fish are most plump at peach blossom in the Yellow Mountain, so called Taohuiajue. The Taohuajue lives in the river of stone sew in the mountain area, the figure is slightly longer than mandarin perch which lives in the rivers, the color on the back is slightly black, and there is the wood grain. The mandarin perch dwells for rest in the quiet water generally or flows slowly medium has the habit of lying in the cave in the daytime, in the nighttime they often look for food in the grass of water. When the peach blossom bloom in spring, the rain water of the mountain area is continuous, the river is aquatic to rise, the mandarin perch jumps a stone sew, make track for to eat the flourishing fish shrimp with the water, the mandarin perch are more delicious than other fishes at this time. The mandarin perch meat is delicate and white; the nourishment is abundant, implying the various nourishment compositions like protein, fat, calcium, Lin, Liuansu, Hehuangsu etc. The Chinese medicine thinks to eat mandarin perch more and can repair falsely, the benefit Pi, lower the cholesterol, is good for the human body health greatly.

>>Laba bean curds
Make into the bean curd with the first-class small soybean, and cut into the circular or squares, then put on the brine, dig one small hole in the center of the upper part, put into the just right amount of table salt, put them to roast to bask slowly the under sun of the winter days geniality, make the salt absorbed gradually, the humidity also dries in the sun gradually, then become Laba bean curds. The finished products' color is yellow, smooth such as the jade, the entrance is loose and soft, and the flavor is salty to take sweet, fragrant and fresh.

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