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Welcome to Huangshan!
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Huangshan History

The history of Huangshan is long, as early as 6,000 or 7,000 years ago, which is 51 centry B.C., later of the matriarchal society clan society of our country, the mankind have already labored and lived in this beautiful and rich mountain area. In the period of Yin and Shang which is apart 3,000 to 4,000 years from now, the first people called Shanyue lived here. TheShanyue was one of the 100 Yues. In the period of Chunqiu and Zhanguo, it belonged to Wu firstly, belonged to Yue after Wu died out, belonged to Chu after Yue died out.
After the Qin Shi Huang unified six countries practiced the County system, it belonged to the ground for Huiji County. In the South Dynasty they started to establish Xinan County, the county mansion moved and did not leave the upper stream of Xinan River, the Weizhou was called Xinan in the past, its source proceeds from this. In 1121 A.D., Anzhou was changed for Weizhou. In 1667 when setting up the province, took the first word of Anqing and Weizho as the name of the province.
Established the Weizhou specialty area in 1949, which belonged to the Wannan office area. Tunxi City was changed to be governed directly by the province in 1953. Tunxi City was allotted to the Weizhou particularly office's leadership in 1955. The Weizhou specialty area was canceled in 1956. The Weizhou specialty area was replied to establish in 1961, the particularly office halted in Tunxi City. Tunxi City was changed to be governed directly by the province in 1962. Tunxi City was canceled in 1963, merged in Xiuning County. The Weizhou specialty area changed to call the Weizhou region in 1970. The Taiping County was allotted to the region of Chizhou in 1974. The region of Weizhou governed 7 counties.
Replied to establish Tunxi City in 1975, which belonged to the Weizhou region's leadership. The region halted Tunxi City. Tunxi City and Huangshan City were canceled on November 27th in 1987, established the Huangshan City which is the ground- class; Canceled the region of Weizhou, An County, Xiuning Country, Mo Country and Qimen Country which belonged to the region of Weizhou were allotted Huangshan City; The Shitai County was allotted the region of Anqing; Shide County and Jixi County were allotted to the region of Xuancheng; Established the Tunxi District of Huangshan City, took the original Tunxi City as its administration district; Established Huangshan Area of Huangshan City, took the original Huangshan City as its administration district; Established the Weizhou District of Huangshan City, took parts of the An County and Xiuning County for its administration district.

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