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Welcome to Huangshan!
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The best tour time in Huangshan

The landscapes in Yellow Mountain all can meal the year round. The spring from March to May view all flowers mach to open, pines to vomit the green, the mountain bird flies and sing; The summer from June to August is to watch pines, cloud and mist and go to summer resort and have leisure; The autumn from September to November is to watch the landscapes of green pines, natural stone, red maple, yellow chrysanthemum etc.; The winter from December to February is to watch flowers of ice and snow and fogs pines. Appreciate the strange pines and stones in the good weather in Yellow Mountain, in Cloudy watch a sea of clouds transformation, in rainy find to flow the spring waterfall, in snowy see the jade tree, the breeze hears pines in empty valley. In any weather you can't return with bare hands.

>>It is reasonable when and where sees the sunrise

Because the Yellow Mountain is the strange mountain of" the formation sea of the one group of peaks inside 800 miles, even have a sea of clouds to curl up it", so in the Yellow Mountain you can see the lovely view of" the group of mountain peaks arch day", enjoy" sunrise in a sea of clouds " again rich in hues.
But you want to see these two kinds of landscapes, must choose the most ideal time and locations, then can have the wish fulfilled, one satisfied chance to enjoy seeing. Say generally, you should be sign in the high and clear of geography toward the place of the east, thus the visual field is the breadth and far again, you can see or take phone of the sun jump a horizon or a sea of clouds face up of moment scene.
The best locations of seeing the sunrise in Yellow Mountain are: Shuguang Station, Qingliang Set, Lion Peak, Danxia Peak, Shixin Peak, Qishi Peak, Gongyang Mountain, Guangmingding, Baieling, Lanhua Peak, Tiandu Peak etc. Best time is: It is 5:30 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. in spring, 4:40A.M. to 5:10 A.M. in summer, 4:50A.M. to 6:20 A.M. in autumn, 5:30 A.M. to 6:00A.M. in winter.

>>It is more ideal when and where sees the rosy sunset

It is similar to see the sunrise, seeing the rosy sunset, you also need choose the position of the high geography, clear and toward to the west. Ascend high and take a distant look, the rosy sunset lovely view then can be fulfill in the eyes bottom. The most ideal places where watch the rosy sunset in the Yellow Mountain contain: The Xihaipaiyun Station, the apex of Danxia Peak, Feilai Peak, Shizhu Peak, Qishi Peak, Guangmingding, Lotus Peak etc. The rosy sunset and sunsets contact with together. Therefore, it is the most ideal time to watch the rosy sunset day decline in the front and back of the sunset. The people who wants see this view must be earlier to choice the watching location, in order to prevent missing the opportune moment, give you abundant colorful tour bring the slight imperfection.

>>It is more ideal when and where see the light of Buddha

According to the covariance, the number of appearing times of the light of Buddha in the Yellow Mountain are equally 2 to 5 times every month, we should say its number is still more. The gold season that the light of Buddha appears in the Yellow Mountain are mostly before 9:00 A.M. after rain and just sunny, and after 5:00 P.M. of overcast and rainy later.
The most ideal locations where take a look at light of Buddha in Yellow Mountain are: Tiandu Peak, Lotus Peak, Guangmingding, XinshiPeak, DanxiaPeak, Qishi Peak, Baie Peak, thew side of Yuping Building, on the Qingliangtai, the side of Tianhai Phoenix Pine, Fengong Peak, Cuiwei Peak etc. Their elevations are generally all above 1600 meters.
If according to above-mentioned introduction to choice the best time and occupy an ideal location, you will make your figure reflect in the light of Buddha's multicolored aureole, leave long unforgettable fine memory for your life to yourself.

>>It is more ideal when and where sees a sea of clouds

Year It is all the ideal season of seeing a sea of clouds in Yellow Mountain from every November to the next May, particularly after the weather of rain or snow, clearing up suddenly, a sea of clouds which it becomes when sunrise and sunset are multicolored rich in hues, is called" colorful sea of clouds", is very great. Because the atmospheres seldom move at this time, the banks of clouds are more stable, so a sea of clouds forms easily and disappear slower. In summer, because of being subjected to the control of the vice- tropical high pressure of Pacific Ocean, the bottom layer air temperature of Yellow Mountain is high, the convection is stronger, the opposite stability of the bank of clouds encounters the breakage easily, therefore, in the summer, the a sea of clouds of Yellow Mountain are opposite a little.
The locations of seeing a sea of clouds should take the dissimilarity height that a sea of clouds become to be differences, when the height of cloud crest of a sea of clouds is below 800 meters, it is more ideal to see the South China Sea in Zishi Peak, Banshan Temple and Taohua Peak, to see the East China Sea in Rusheng Station and Yidaolingg, to see the West China Sea in Baiyunju, to see the North China Sea in Shuxiangfengmi and Furongling.
If the height of cloud crest of a sea of clouds is under 1600 meters, it is the most ideal to see the South China Sea in Huanghaigang and Yuping Building, to see the North China Sea in Qingliangtai and Shixin Peak, to see the East China Sea in Baie Range and Gongyang Mountain, to see the West China Sea in Paiyun Sation and Feilaishi, to see the Tian Sea in Pingtian Peakm Guangmingding and Aoyu Peak.
If the height of cloud crest of a sea of clouds is between 1600 meters to 1800 meters, we can ascend to several big and main peaks of Yellow Mountain which are Lotus Peak, Liandan Peak, Tiandu Peak, Guangmingding, Shimen Peak, Qishi Peak, Baie Peak or Gongyang Mountain, take a wide view five sea, can be fulfill its grandiosity magic, variety unfathomable.

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