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Welcome to Huangshan!
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Huangshan Overview

The Huangshan City locates in the extreme south of Anhui Province, its northeast connects with the Jixi County, Shide County and Jing Country of the region of Xuancheng; its northwest connects with the Qingyang County, Shitai County and Dongzhi Country of the region of Chizhou; its southwest connects with Jingdezhen City and Aoyuan County of Jiangxi Province, its southeast connects with Kaihua County, Chunan Country and Linan County of Zhejiang Province. It is in the north side of the middle subtropics, broad leaved evergreen forest, red earth, yellow earth ground. It lies in between E171°to 118°53'and N29°24'to 30°31', the easternmost point is in the southeast side of the Zhupu Village in An County, the westernmost point is in the west side of Xinan Village in Qimen Country, it is 164.14 kilometers long from east to west; The southernmost point is in the Lotus Peak in Lingnan Village in Xiuning Country, the northernmost point is in the north side of Xinfeng Village in Huangshan District, it is 123.35 kilometers of breadth from south to north. The total area is 9807 square kilometers.
Huangshan City was approvable to establish by State Department in September of 1987, the precursor is the region of Weizhou, governs three areas which are Tunhe District, Huangshan Area, Weizhou District, four counties which are An County, Xiuning, Qimen, Mo County and Yellow Mountain Scenic Areas now, the areas and counties govern 42 towns, the city government locates in the Tunhe District.
The Huangshan City is one mountain area of eight mountains, one water and one penny farmland. The group of peaks in the city are up in the sky, the hillocks hold the row, the interleave of the mountain and valley, there is deep mountain, valley, also having the basin, plain, the wave flow pure, the river water is wreath, the pure glory is luxuriant everywhere, the water show and mountain work properly, as if beautiful scenery draw. Tian Mountain and Yellow Mountain Mountain Ranges are the natural boundary of Anhui Province, Weizhou and Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province. The main Qingliang Peak which locates in the northeast of An Country and whose elevation is 1787 meters, Guniujiang which stands in Qimen Country and whose elevation is 1728 meters, Baiyueqiyun Mountain is in the northwest if Xiuning and whose elevation is 580 meters, they all are magnificent and miraculous paintings by nature. Yellow Mountain intersects between An County, Yellow Mountain Area and Xiuning and Mo County, the Lotus Peak whose elevation is 1860 meters is the highest peak, the ridges and peaks are beautiful, split a ground for day, the heavy rock folds, are great and sumptuous, it is the famous scenery divine spot.
The biggest characteristics of Huangshan City are that the tour resources are abundant, the view is special, there are not only the not an equal in the world landscape that great universe educate, and a great deal of humanities view which display Chinese the old culture. It is full of beauty spots in the Yellow Mountain Scenic Areas which is 154 square kilometers, they are very strange, and it is known for the strange pines, strange stones, a sea of clouds and the hot springs. The posterities spread that you do not see the mountains from Wuyue, do not see the Yue from returning the Yellow Mountain.

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