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Welcome to Huangshan!
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Huangshan Shopping

The shopping always is an important link in traveling, the local tour trophies and special products of the region become the head choices that we bring back to subsist and share with friends and relatives. The tea is the most famous in the local special products in the Yellow Mountain, the soil quality, weather, temperature, and degree of humidifies of the Yellow Mountain are very suit to the growth of the tea trees, however the Maofeng in Huangshan, Red Tea in Qimen, Green Tea in Tunxi and Houkui in Taiping are all the best in tea. In addition, the ink in Weizhou, Yantai in An Country, the badge parties flower arrangement, the version painting in Weizhou, the paint engrave, brick, stone, wood, Zhusidiao etc. the cultural trophies also all have the special features.
There is an old street which is called Tunxi Old Street and originated in the Song Dynasty in Huaangshan, it is an on foot street of business that has the building style of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The buildings of the old street are ancient and cultured, the company spreads the row upon row, shop front, workshop, the residence Christian Trinity, reserve the structure, form and the special features of ancient times" the ex- store and behind workshop"," the ex- store and behind database" or" spread before and behind door". The Qihong, Tunlv, Sidiao of Weizhou and four treasures in the text building which are well-known in the world are seen everywhere in the old street. Moreover, there are old famous brands in the street, such as the Chengdeqi's sauce, Tongderen medicine store, Tonghe steelyard store...etc., express the strong special features of Weizhou now.

The special product in Huangshan

>>Wanan compasses
It is the traditional geography instrument, because the manufacture is excellent, the craft have high request, so it is the handicraft article with art value, today that geography instruments are modern, the compass of the old days can also be as the composition thing to watch. Because the production place is Wanan Town of Xiuning County, so call it. Wanan compasses ask to raw material and craft very strict, its site for the special kind wood through open the circle - car and dub out but make into, the big diameter Chinese foot, the small can be place in the center of palm of hand. The center of dish faces is dig a bore, inside pack an ability vivid become the dynamic mariner's compass, the bore faces to overlay one transparent thin slice, since can keep the bore inside sweep, and then see the magnetic needle turn move. The center dish outside the circle faces to depict the horizontal space degree, one by one in order to put row gossip, Tiangan and 28 constellations, face in the dish up choice of words to write clearly, in addition to heavily match not account, mark out 24 directions totally. The gossip matches each other again 64 Gua, 12 stem hands over and become 60 groups, the gossip watch is empty, doing a watch, world the thou is melt in a circle now. The dish face up draw to varnish, since transparent like mirror, again clean such as jade.
In order to meet the development of the traveling industry's demand, Wanan Town set up Laowululuohengjing store, there is small batch quantity compassed to be sold, the fanciers see to be the handicraft articles and the tour trophies to purchase eagerly.

>>Four cravings of Weizhou
The brick craving, stone carving, wood carving, the bamboo craving which have the style of Weizhou are four kinds of folks carvings. Sidiao of Weizhou takes the An County, Mo County and Aoyuan County for the typical model, keep also opposite better. They mainly are used for the adornment of the buildings like people's houses, ancestral temples, temples, parks etc., and ancient type furniture, hold the craft carvings, screens, container for pens and fruit bowl...etc. The history of Sidiao comes from the generation of Song; it was very prosperous in Ming Dynasty and Qing dynasty. The carvings in Ming Dynasty are crude, uncivilized and ancient, general only have the even carvings and low relieves, ask for help from the lines shape, but lack to see through the variety, but emphasize symmetry, is rich in decorate interest.
The carvings in Qing Dynasty are delicate and complicated, composition, set up to absorb to draw the technique expression of Xinan Party, pay attention to the art beauty, use much to floating craving deeply, promote the empty result, the empty layer that remaining have amounts to more than ten layers, the pavilions , terraces and buildings, the trees and landscape, the persons and animals, the flowers and birds, insects and fish gather in the same painting, extremely keen, wrong fall with the result that, the layer is clear, lifelike, showed that superb art ability of craftsmen.

Brick carving
Stone carving
Wood carving
Bamboo carving

>>The Wangboli pen
It is the famous pen in Song Dynasty, is one of the four treasures of text building in Weizhou. According to 《 Xinan Ambition 》 carry, inthe period of North Song, Wang Boli who came from An Country created the Four Treasure Hall in the Anzhou, produced pens, ink, paper and Yan, the pen was the most famous. The Wangboli pen is called the Wei pen again, choosing to anticipate fine, the manufacture is exquisite, assigning name to the choiceness, producing a pen. A pen of with anticipate is very fashionable, virtuous town of the usage view especially the kiln makes particularly green flower the white bottom lines porcelain penholder, choosing various monster hairs to do the nip, sometimes even need sieve 1% of to make into a nip from a catty of monster hair. The exquisite article of this kind of" thousand hairs choose the ten cents", and most of them were contributions.

>>Paper of Chengxintang
The calligraphy and painting paper exquisite article are one of the four treasures of text building in Weizhou. From the Tang Dynasty, the Weizhou became the important base that produced the text building four treasures, in addition to Anyan, the Weimo was the first in the world, and Paper of Chengxintang was also to be love. This kind of paper was taken as the jewelry by Li Yu who was the last emperor of Nantang, praised it for the king in the paper, and especially open up the gold strong of south Tang to reside, study, read Chenxin Hall of play the chapter to store it, still established the Chengyujian to produce to build this kind of good paper, called them Paper of Chengxintang, providing to use over a long period of time in the palace. The quantity of Paper of Chengxintang is very high, but rarely bequeath to posterity.
After the reform openning, through the thorough excavation, make paper of Chengxintang drown already a long time to put eventually strange burst of color. The contemporary text building four treasures company of An County produce the paper of Chengxintang in the style of antique lately, has already entered in the international market.

>>A wine of Weizhou
It is the famous in the history. It is made of glutinous rice, 100 catties of glutinous rice invite 80 catties to 100 catties wine, the wine color is tiny yellow and pure, the aroma is captivating, the entrance is tiny and sweet, after hot it to drink, feel thick. The wine is kept for long time, it is thicker. The people of 《 Jinghuayuan 》 talks the wine, enumerating a wine of everyplace of the whole country, among them have the A wine of Weizhou.

>>The bamboo plaiting of Weizhou
The bamboo plaiting of Weizhou began from Tang and Song, was prosperous in Ming and Qing. The bamboo plaiting real objects of bequeath to posterity of Ming and Qing, regard bowls, cups, dishes, bottles etc. as principle, still having the Jia boxes, bookcases, gift dishes, fruit boxes...etc. In recent years, in order to adapt the demand of outside business and the tour industry development, the bamboo plaiting of Weizhou breaks originally length, circle, square, flat shape and simple pattern, develop to become the bamboo plaiting paintings, bamboo cravings, the bamboo system persons, bamboo plaiting monsters and birds etc. Among them, the shapes of landscapes, flowers and birds, the rare birds and animals are complicated, the patterns are numerous and complicated, the workers usually divided into 10 to 140 with thin hair silk to the bamboo slice of the inch breadth, is soft such as silk wadding, thin such as hair silk. Still increasing the very hot gold, very hot flower, applique, dye, bleach and defend the mildewed and defend etc. craft. The color of the bamboo plaiting is from the black and true color to increase to red, yellow, green, blue and purple etc. various colors, the usage plaiting flowers, deeply empty, clip Jin etc. handicraft weave means, make the bamboo weave handicraft products more gorgeous and colorful.

The three areas and four counties that are governed by Huangshan City are known for the tea country of the Chinese and Foreign, in the recent years the new and old tea of instauration and development have more than 30 species. The Maofeng in Yellow Mountain, Houkui in Taiping and Dafang in Dinggu are all in the row of the ten greatest best tea in China; The four species like Yingou in Yellow Mountain, Qihonggongfu etc. were cheese for diplomacy famous tea by the country. The An County produces the tea more than 10,000 tons every year, coming out in front in national each county.

>>Green Peony of Yellow Mountain
It is the special kind craft tea. Produced in Nanyunjian whose elevation is more than 1400 meters in Daguyun Village in An County. The sharps Nanyunjian are heavy and fold, the gutters are horizontal, the cloud and mist curl up, the volume of rain is abundant, and it is benefit in the growth of the tea trees. The tea leaves here not only are strong and bud is fatty, the leaf quality is soft, and because the grass of is all over the place, bushiness, the tea have the flavor. Pick the tea buds in Qingming, has been completed to crumple lightly, the beginning dries and the orthopedics, choosing the buds, managing and packing the tube, shape to beautify, the already set cures etc. the work prefaces, the green peonies are made into. The first-class Green Peony Tea presents the blossom form, one bud and one leaf are early exhibition, flower petal and Huadi arrange evenly and together, circle and flat even, the white milli- rear, seedling is integrity. After making, that tea joss-stick that takes the familiar chestnut aroma comes into nostrils since then, the tea or hang or sink in the cup, the tea sharp and tea tooth unfold slowly, as if a green peony for bloom. Taste thinly one mouthful, feel pure fragrance and continuing, enjoy in retrospect sweet and smooth leisurely long.

>>The Yingou in Yellow Mountain
It is the new talent in Chinese famous tea. Get name because the tea body is bent hook, the milli- white, such as silver. The main places of the Yingou in Yellow Mountain are Shanghekou Village and Mulinghou Village in Daguyuan Country, the tea gardens distribute mainly in luxuriant woods and secluded valley in Yellow Mountain Range, soil is rich, the weather is wetness, the volume of rain is abundant, the cloud and mist are widespread for the whole year round, 100 flowers of the four seasons overflow the joss-stick, it is the place that the tea trees grow with abundant resources. The raw material of Yingou in Yellow Mountain is a Dishuixiang of good tea tree, take the delicate degree of the Maofeng, frying the green method for making, adopting the yellow green oil smooth, the high joss-stick hold out for long time, the flavor is thick and fresh, enjoy in retrospect sweet, verdant brightness of the soup color, leaves' bottom are integrity.

>>Mingju in Yellow Mountain
It is the new specie of the famous special tea. It is constituted together by the Maofeng and Gongju. The Gongju is a kind of precious Chinese herbal medicine material, since can make tea to drink, also can fill a prescription, having reducing the breeze and spreading hot, keeping and clear eyes, fresh and cool and antidotal effect of liver, can cure to catch a cold, the swollen poison, the higher blood pressure and the artery harden etc. diseases. Its white show yellow, Gongju belongs to the white chrysanthemum, the blossom is big, the petal is thin and thick, it is tiny cold, flavor joys and pains, have subtle fragrance, of the same kind chrysanthemum of the ratio, the color is fresh gorgeous. The Mingju in Yellow Mountain, the white of the current chrysanthemum of reveal, again the greenery of the Maofeng tea set off, both combine, the Gongju's joss-stick is particularly high, the soup color is more pure and green, the taste is doubly fresh and sweet.

>>Dafang in Zhupu
It is Chinese famous tea. It produces in Zhupu, Jinchuan, Sanyang of An County, take the tea quality that produces in Fuquan Mountain as the best, so is called Laozhudafang again. The best tea in Laozhudafang is prized for Dinggudafang again.
The tea of Dafanf like Longjing, but is more fatty and bigger than the tea of Longjing, long and flat become the slice, like bamboo leaves, there is the Fengjian, the color is black, there is smooth oil, so have name of Zhuyetiesedafang. Its soup's color is green, yellow and bright, the yellow and green of leaf bottom are well-balanced. Drink it, the flavor is thick and joss-stick is strong, is good to eat, slightly take the familiar chestnut joss-stick, very much resembling fry green. Because the color, joss-stick and the flavor of the Dafang tea are good, has the special effect towards reducing weight and eliminate fatally again, possesses the very high good reputation at domestic and international markets. Now it has already been far sold to Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong etc., sold to north of China, Northeast the region of the Jiaodong in Shandong.

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