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Travel guide of Huangshan

>>The four unique of Yellow Mountain
The pines in Yellow Mountain: It is original You Pine, just because the natural conditions of the Yellow Mountain produced the variation, it became an independent species. Don't think the pines of Yellow Mountain are vigorously outstanding, and astonishing, but its formation environment from up to down is very hardships; Many strange pines have no the soil at the bottom, have to radiate in the blind sides of the mountain bodies granite; Because of the crags are slippery, the rain water is difficult to stay, in order to look for the headwaters, the root need sneak in the rock body continuously the deep place contain the break of water layer, so the length of the root usually exceeds the tree body several. In addition, the roots still need work hard, taking into nitrogen, Lin in the rock a ground of some intravenous to drop absorb, and the nude potassium in the long stone take for already have. Thus, the pines of Yellow Mountain live incredibly, firm steadily have a foothold rock in fastness, not only the breeze does not pour, snow press continuously, and roots are deep leaves are strong, they are evergreen all the year round.

Strange stones of Yellow Mountain: They Were called the strange stone which is one of the four unique of Yellow Mountain, takes strange to win victory, and is known for many. The strange stones that have already been named have more than 120 places. It may be said its appearance all sorts of strange things, they make persons call extremely. They like person, thing, birds, monster, the demeanors are each different, the images are lifelike. It may be said that they distribute the all over mountain, or sign the apex or dramas to stir the good luck, or with pines to accompany, constitute a natural mountain mosaic book.

The sea of clouds of Yellow Mountain: Because the natural conditions like the big peaks are high, the valleys are deep, forest is exuberant and rain water is abundant in Yellow Mountain, you can see the sea of clouds in four seasons. According to the districts that the sea of clouds forms to partition, there are the North Sea, West Sea, East Sea, Tian Sea, Qian Sea which is South Sea, so Yellow Mountain is called Huang Sea again. A year inside Yellow Mountain, the 2/3 time are all steam in cloud. Whenever a sea of clouds appear, surging forward with great momentum, on hope limitless, thousand clough, ten thousand mountain beam, drown together in cloud snow wave, just be like the ancient poem describe of:" The everywhere really becomes the silvery sea, green only the peaks are high." If the day will be dawn, a sea of clouds and sunrise appear, a sea of clouds on then the gold flows the silver, making Yellow Mountain of 100 miles more glorious.

The hot springs in Yellow Mountain: The Yellow Mountain contain 15 springs, the hot spring which is called one of the four unique of Yellow Mountain and was called the Soup Spring locates at the foot of Ziyun Peak whose elevation is 850 meters, the fluid matter mainly takes containing the heavy carbonic acid. It also is called Zhusha Spring, have no sulphur, since it was developed in Tang Dynasty, enjoy high prestige for thousand years. According to science measures, the temperature of the spring is about 42 degrees of Celsius in whole year round, it is pure and sweet, imply the beneficial anion which are healthy to the human body and various little chemical elements of aluminum, magnesium, potassium, ? , calcium...etc., which human bodies need, can drink, bathe and cure, to the digest, nerve of the medical treatment human body, cardiovascular, the rheumatism skin etc. the disease and cancellations climb mountain tired all have the curative famous effects." Suddenly hungry satisfied bath, inebriate the bath it comes to suddenly, suddenly comfortable bath, faint the sun and moon of the bath bright, the camp flavor of the bath of Anne and", the hot springs, strange pines and strange stones, a sea of clouds are called the four unique of Yellow Mountain." If Five Yue compare with Yellow Mountain, still owe to work properly the sand a spring".

>>Cloud Valley beauty district of Yellow Mountain
Cloud Valley locates in the north of Yellow Mountain, the elevation is only 890 meters high, is a valley whose geography is lower and slightly spacious. The Cheng Yuanfeng who was the prime minister of Song Dynasty once studied here, so got name of Prime Minister Source. Fu Yan who was a scholar in Ming Dynasty traveled extensively to go here, accepted the monk's beg, wrote two words of the hand-written" cloud and valley", henceforth the Yungu Temple as time passes became the place name of today. Yungu mainly has beauty spots which are Cloud Valley Country Villa, Ancient Tree, Strange Stone, Jiulong waterfalls and Baizhang Springs.
The Cloud Valley Country Villa locates in the pines and bamboos, a mountain embraces mutually, the river water reflux, environment is calmness. The Cloud Valley Country Villa since is a three-star-class guest house of modernization, is a building community which has the typical model reside of ancient people of Weizhou, the buildings are wrong to fall with the result that, small green tiles, Matou walls, it is an ideal ground for sightseeing to enjoy scenery, leisure and resort. The passenger transportation cableways station is away 100 meters from Cloud Valley Country Villa; The stone way for climbing mountain of its side can go up to the North Sea, can go down to Jiulong Waterfalls, Bitter Bamboo River. Highway can lead to hot springs. The valuable ancient trees contain three stubs: Huadonghuangshan is 500 years old; Nanfanftieshan is 800 years old.
These two trees all are the greenery tall tree of year, the tree forms are impressive-looking grand, impressive demeanor. These two trees have a kind of unusual prospects together, which is to grow two kinds of branches and trunks and two kind leaves on the same tree, have both the needle-leaf and broad-leaved, two things of integral whole, they match, do have the elegant taste. There still is a stub high and big gingko, it is 1000 years old, 26 meters high, 3.1 meters round, makes persons attention. These three ancient trees all locate at the left side of the ruins of Cloud Talley Temple, cause the botanists' attention and studying, the Huadonghngshan and Nnafangtieshan are the our all the special third Jizi plant in our country.
The strange stones of Cloud Valley are" the lion robs the ball"," the piano set stone "," historic stone"...etc., there are several sculpture carvings on the huge rocks, such as" gradually person's desirable state"," wonderful start from now on"," inebriate to sing"," Yongyou "...etc., according to the geologists' studying, they are the fourth Ji the ruins of the rock that glacier leave behind.
Nine Dragon Pond and Baizhang Springs together with the waterfalls of the person word form in the hot springs area were called the three greatest waterfalls of the Yellow Mountain. Nine Dragon Waterfalls locates at the place climbing mountain of the cloud valley west road, the headwaters of waterfalls come from Tiandu, Yuping, Liandan etc., remitting for the Yungu River which is the prime minister source, then go down from the overhanging cliffs which is between Xianglu and Luophan, it is long 300 meters, the whole waterfalls is divided into 9 parts, one part has one waterfalls, one waterfalls has one pond, so got the name of Nine Dragon Pond. Baizhang Springs locates at the place going down mountain of the cloud valley west road, we can appreciate it by the side of going to the highway of the hot springs area, whenever raining season, on the huge overhanging cliff, the water of waterfalls are torrent, keep 100 meters, as if the white hang long, as if a Milky Way fall to the ground, vehemence not of the common sort. The Guanpu Station is the best place where we appreciate these waterfalls.

>>The four seasons in Yellow Mountain
Yellow Mountain is full of the beautiful views all the year round, the landscape of the Yellow Mountain is different not only the four seasons of a year, even four times of a day, all have the dissimilarity, the beauty of Yellow Mountain is in this endless varieties to let visitors infatuate, if you want to understand the entire content of the Yellow Mountain, so you should choose different seasons of a year, grasp the Yellow Mountain in this nature building, feel the Yellow Mountain.

The spring scenes of Yellow Mountain: " The spring outside the mountain returns 100, the spring first time of April in mountain." The average air temperature of Yellow Mountain in April is 10 ?, is higher 5.6 ? than in March. At this time, foothill have already been the grass, gorgeous person of wild flower, the rice seedling is healthy and strong, the peach blossom fall to the utmost, halfway up a hill but the brook grass still short, the cuckoo starts, the peach blossom beginning open. Need to postpone about a week, wind peach wood of ten miles of that peach blossom Peak, just the dedicates, one pink. Exactly bright spring days, help others to visit. But in that time, on the apex of the high mountain of the Yellow Mountain, the weather is still cold, the spring idea come leisurely, the green grass just draws sprout, the flowers just contains. But the breathing of the spring has already arrived at the center of the visitors. The spring scenes of Yellow Mountain are good at charmingly feminine and moving. The whole body wear green, beautifully green desire drop; Ten thousand flowers bloom, beautiful and matchless; 100 birds enjoy singing, pleasing the ear to relax. In spring, at both sides of the highway which leads to the Yellow Mountain, countryside in the rape that are full of golden flowers, Yingshanhong are full of the mountain range, let visitors still have no yellow mountain, have already been infatuate with in this nature of lovely views.

The cool summer in Yellow Mountain: The jade-green Yellow Mountain is under the warm wet air blowing from the south; enter in the summer in July. But there is no summer on the high place of Yellow Mountain for the whole year. The hot springs area goes into the summer on June 29, the summer lasts 56 days. The Cloud Valley Temple and the Banshan Temple would enter in the summer on July 20th, the summer of Cloud Valley Temple lasts 26 days, and the summer of Banshan Temple lasts only 8 days. Above The Banshan Temple has no summer for the whole year, only have the differences of winter, spring and autumn, the winter of Guangmingding, Yuping Building and North Sea are all more than 7 months, but the warm quarter is still no longer than 5 months. In the midsummer season, the average air temperature of July of Yellow Mountain is 20.7 ?. The daytime is cool to have no sweat, cover with quilt and then can fallen asleep in the evening, and have no mosquito to bite, it is an ideal summer resort.
The Yellow Mountain in the summer, the ridges and peaks verdant desire drop, the secluded valley is heavy to overlay, the birds in the woods sing, one elegant appearance of the parties midsummer. On the way of climbing mountain, the green tree ties up with green rattan each other, take a natural cool pavilion, sit down to rest a little, the view mountain appreciates the view, repeatedly the cool breeze come, it makes tired that you climb mountain eliminate. The sunrise in Yellow Mountain of the summer is more sublime, the jumping red day likes a material for new fire, sparking the sky, also sparking the mountain peak and trees, imitating the whole worlds all the light overflow colorful, brilliant brilliancy. The Yellow Mountain in the midsummer even has that unseen waterfall, the springs which can not reckon how many of flow , specially after rain-storm, Yellow Mountain becomes the world of water, the water composed to write a the movement that the song is emotionally wrought up for the Yellow Mountain. Although a sea of clouds of the summer are so calm, thick and steady than a sea of clouds of winter or autumn, it is also entirely different flair, lucid and attractive. In the action of the cloud and mist, sometimes we can also see gorgeous rainbow, such as one seven-color bridges is in two. The sunset combines the unlike sunrise inferior to, the red rosy sunset throw on a layer brilliant twilight for the Yellow Mountain in the summer, makes persons inebriate. The Yellow Mountain in the summer is a thick green painting, is a fresh, cool and sweet juice, is also a song to rise and fall, tactfully and floating melody.

Yellow Mountain in autumn: The summer goes to for autumn, the autumn of Yellow Mountain come early. In August, the weather in the district of the plain still is blazing hot, but the Yellow Mountain has already gradual lied started into the autumn. In September, the northern cold air is gradual to strengthen, the average air temperature of month declines to 12.9 ?, is lower 7.4 ? than in August, the air temperature continues to descend in October, the average air temperature of month only is 11.7 ?, leave winter more and more close. The autumn of the Yellow Mountain has various beautiful views. The high spirit of autumn is pure, bluish green of white cloud, maple of fire, deep grass and yellow fruit. The autumn of the Yellow Mountain is fresh because of birds' twitter and fragrance of flower, full of life.

The winter snow in Yellow Mountain: The winter in Yellow Mountain comes early; the time of winter is long. The winter of the Yellow Mountain do not miss everyone imagination of that the north wind roar and shout, the ice snow are unbearable, makes life fear. In fact, the weather characteristics of the winter here is cold but don't freeze. Investigate its reason, first, the difference of temperature in day is small, always between 4? to 6?, but the difference in temperature of day of each county of surroundings below the hills is between 9? to 11?; Second, the air is dry; there is no haze cover with. See from currently, scenery of winter in half a year, have no depressed unfrequented felling, usually are beautiful than in the summer in the half a year returns the daintiness. This is also" the Yellow Mountain all is full of the beautiful views all the year round, only the view of winter is better".
There are cloud and mist for more than 200 days in Yellow Mountain of a year, but the great majority of the sea of clouds appears in the half a year of winter. Wusong wonderful view only when the temperature on top of hill in the winter attains below zero, the collision of fog or cloud is up the trees and pieces of stone etc. objects, then become. The Yellow Mountain's snow landscape in winter days is grand view, in a year, the average accumulated snow of the whole year is about 50 days, the average early date of accumulated snow is on November 29, and eventually snow is on March 28 in next year. When the northern cold air goes down south to invade the Yellow Mountain, then vast sky north wind, the heavy snow spreads the mountain, all over hills and countryside, flow snow, the group of mountain peaks cover with the snow, ten thousand trees gold, magnificent and matchless.
Wusong is a famous landscape of the Yellow Mountain in winter, every time round strict and cold deep winter, the full mountain is full of jade trees and silver flowers, they are non- snow non- frost, but again more strange than snow, more beautiful than frost. In brilliant sunlight, they are radiant flicker, extraordinary sight. This is the Wusong wonderful view. When the air temperature descend below zero, have fog or drizzle, tree, pieces of stones etc. the objects' surface will freeze in the object surface and form transparent congregation thing, this kind of phenomenon is called Wusong. The Wusong in Yellow Mountain is more beautiful, stranger, and more unique than anyplace. Have a clear conscience is medium in the world extremely of unique view. The boundless group of mountain peaks are icebergs, trees like corals, make you interrogative, might it not be " come such as a the night spring breeze suddenly, ten thousand tree pear flowers of thousand trees?" No, this is rare on beg of Wusong! Take up the walking stick, climbing a mountain, scan widely, see the wrong row of group of mountain peaks only, pines are many, a party of silver packs the vegetable to bind. The Yellow Mountain changes in the past verdant facial expression of green, the one is pure everywhere, the world like however one color. From up to the bottom, one wood and one grass, a per and a leaf all coagulates the crystal of the pure without blemish, if cover with the silver to fold, hang a string of bead, the mountain breeze flowing, radiant and dazzling, if entered in the azure stone world, arrived the fairy mountain, make your eyes not connect, again like entered in a trance of nursery tale sort.

>>Ancient people's houses in Mo County
Hong Village: It locates in the north 11 kilometers of Mo County, is apart 65 kilometers from Tun. The Hong Village was set up in South Song firstly, has more than 800 years from now. The ancient person of Great Village only a machine expresses to open the first river of the bionics, program to constructed cow form small village and the artificial water departments which are rated as the An Chinese Unique, see the whole village, the Leigang of the west head sign, just like the cow head; the two big trees in the village just like the ox horn; In front and back four bridges that cross the Jiyang River like the cow legs; The several hundred row upon rows old buildings of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty in village like lie the cow to occupy; Pure likeness of water the cow bowel that a near thousand meters of 1 meter wide grow surrounds the whole village, winding flow through each and each; One pond of half moon form in the village and the south lake in the south of village are the cow stomach and belly respectively, the whole small village likes a flood cow on raising head only courageously, become one big spectacular sight in building's history nowadays. The ancient people's houses which are kept intact in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty have more than 140 now. The civil temple which is Chengzhi Hall is sumptuous, it may be said that it is the best ancient people's house in Wannan. The floor of the row upon row inside the village folds the hospital and exquisite nature beauty of lakes and mountains to hand over to reflect mutually, the action is fitting and proper, light and free, everywhere is a view, going into the painting at every step. The shape is special to own the exquisite rural scenery of the Hong Village, also is prized for the village in painting of China.

Xidi: It is the most representative ancient people's houses tour beauty spot in Huangshan City, the transportation which is apart 54 kilometers from Tunxi is convenient. The Xidi Village was set up in North Song, is apart more than 900 years from now, covers 16 hectares. It often has the beautiful name of the family in Taohuayuan. There is 1 history shop of Hu Wenguang in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, text light in the village stab, saving the people houses of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty more than 300, some which were kept intactly have 124, and" the work of the layout, the good structure, decorate of beautiful, the construction, the cultural content deep", is rare for the ancient people's houses cluster inside the country, may be the art model of the ancient people's buildings of Weizhou.

Nanping Village: It locates in the southwest of Mo County. There are more than 300 ancient people's houses which were kept intact of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty in the village. The whole village contains 72 lanes, the long one is more than 100 meters long, the short one is 20 meters to 30 meters, the lanes are mutually, cross to link up, and alleged the maze of Chian-Nan. The existing ancestral temples have more than 30 in village, remit the brick wood, the stone carving art in the whole, have the magic power only. In recent years, a table of Tao was discovered here, the Nanping ancient village is the utopia by Tao Yuanming's writing.

>>Historic fan- Mysterious hole in Hua Mountain
The ancient stone caves view area of Weizhou in Yellow Mountain is in the east suburb of Tunxi in Huangshan City, is the stone cave ruins of the ancient Weizhou. Order and face are much and widely, the appearance is extremely different, scale is great, the vehemence is grand view, the distribution is intensive, special features are fresh and clear, is rare in the country, being rated as the An Chinese Unique.
The stone caves have the abundant and special history research and the appreciation value, the Fresh and Cool Temple is grand, the Huanxi stone cave returns to, 24 pillars are peculiar and mystery, the Sister Rouge Hole's color is clear. Much more heavy megalith and stone carvings inside the stone cave, such as birds or monsters, such as the station, such as pavilion, lifelike, built by nature, is prized for an stone cultural history museum of ancient Weizhou. The suspension bridge which leads to the view area and cross the Xinan River is whole long 130 meters, 1.8 meters of breadth, in normal times 8.3 meters of the surface, is the first pulling suspension bridge in China-Nan, the natural views of surroundings and its building style of Weizhou merge into an integral whole, adding one view again for the beautiful Xinan River, twenty thousand square meters of sandy beach and lawn remaining of river's side are beautiful sceneries, it is the place where enjoy scenery and explore, leisure to play of tour divine spot.

>>Memorial arches of An County
The memorial arches of Tangyue: It is called the Tangyue Seven Memorial Arch again, at the place which is apart six kilometers from the city west, there are seven memorial arches to depend on loyal, filial piety, stanza, righteousness from the village extrovert to inside the village in proper order alignment, ex- five are three rooms four pillars hurtled stone pillar type of stone shops of Qing Dynasty, the last two are three rooms four pillars three floors of grass'type stone shop of Ming Dynasty, they are impressive-looking and great, are the biggest scale of stone shops in Anhui Province. These memorial arches accord to proper order alignment of loyalty, filial, piety and integrity. Say that several hundred years' history of the rise and fall of this village. These stone shops, ancestral temples and woman's ancestral temples whose shapes are elegant in the villages have already been an important tour beauty spot of Huangshan City.
In the feudalistic society, for giving award the officials who had the eminent contribution is imposing in loyalty, filial, piety and integrity, for the court of the dynasty prosperous do the outstanding contribution, the domestic affairs mansion usually granted at these persons' native district or village head, fix to set up the contribution memorial arch, borrow to take this by calling for the people as the model to requite the effect toward the court.
The memorial arches in Tangyue Village changed the wood quality structure as main characteristics; almost all adopt stones material, and take mainly the good quality An County Green stone material. This kind of granite memorial arch is solid, high, big, outstanding, generous gorgeous and the impressive is demeanor. In Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the memorial arch building art also attained perfectly.
The memorial arches of Tangyue are representatives of building arts in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. There are 7 memorial arches, the building style mix the integral whole, although time across for long several hundred years, they were built up together. According to the building experts to speak: The memorial arch of Tangyue has the very importance value towards studying the politics, economy, culture and building art and the formation and development of company of Weizhou and even people's residents in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.

The Xuguo memorial arch: It is in the center of An County, because the memorial arch has eight stone pillars, set up in 1584 A.D., is a rare eight foots four squares imitating wood structure stone shop, the Liang and Fang connect, the three rooms from south to north is long 11.54 meters, 6.77 meters of breadth from east to west, high 11.4 meters of three layers, the floating cravings on the workshop are elegant, six rightness of the lean stone pillars the lions bestride everywhere, alive and vivid, the great features is unusual. There is a eight feet stone memorial archs workshop at entrance of Chengguan of An County, which is sumptuous. It was agreed to set up by a emperor of Ming Dynasty for giving award to Xuguo Daxueshi who was the teacher of three prince imperials.

>>The modern Song City- Old streets of Tunxi
Tunxi: It is the located of Huangshan City, is also the tour base of Wannan. There are the Heng River and the Hui River to remit to flow, it is rumored that in the period of Three Kingdoms it is the ground where He Yi who was the great commander of East Wu led the soldiers, so it is called Tunxi; In the period of fighting the invading army to Japan the business were prosperous, also called the small Shanghai. The old streets of Tunxi are ancient, tranquil and enjoyable, at present in addition to develop the construction of the new city area, also keep intentionally the ancient business, culture buildings which formed in the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty gradually. The original streets are two direct outside and in streets which follow the north shore of Xinan River, the People Road is one of them. It was build in South Song, long about 1.5 kilometers, the breadth is only five meters, the street is narrow, scanning widely to look, likes a glimmer of day.

Old streets of Tunxi: The streets were paved with become with the light Zhu color stones, stores of brick and wood structure at two sides stand up like a forest, there are the teahouse, book shop, ink shop and wine store, the curio store...etc., wrong fall with the result that, antiquated, having the building style in the mountain towns of Wannan. There are still a group of people's houses of Ming Dynasty to construct three houses of one distance in the Baishu Street, including a house of Cheng Mengzhou in the center and two houses in left and right sides, each all present the shape of H type three match yard, which are two layers five open to wear the needle structure, the middle one is center yard, the sides are near buildings; The conservancy inside the house contain bright and shiny color, the bricks of Weizhou that are flowing freely, wood carvings, and the paper of Ming Dynasty, book of ? sell the title deed to invite. Except the old streets of People Road and Chengshi Three Houses of Tunxi, there are still the ancient stone bridge of the Ming Dynasty above the Heng River, the ancient town in Liyang, Cheng Dawei's House who was the famous mathematician of Ming Dynasty and Dai Zhen's House who was the earthquake philosopher in Qing Dynasty, memorial hall, graveyard, and Hua Mountain Park which is the flower arrangement of Weizhou, the Small Dragon Mountain's landscape in the west coast of Shai River...etc.

>>Chinese religion of Taoism holy land- Yiyun Mountain
It locates in Yanqian Town which is apart 15 kilometers from the west of Xiuning County, is called three famous mountains of Chinese Wannan with the Yellow Mountain and Jiuhua Mountains. The area of Qiyun Mountain View District is 110 kilometers, the natural sanctuary area is 150 kilometers, and it was the nation-class scenery famous spot area and national forest park by the approval in State Department in 1994. It is called the white mountain and yellow mountain stands opposite mutually, A Chiang-Nan of the green water precipice. It was prized that not an equal in the world win the environment, it is the first famous mountain in China-Nan by Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dynasty.
It is called Qiyun Mountain because of" a stone puts the day, keeping into the high in the clouds, with the bluish cloud together". The appearance of ridges and peaks of Qiyun Mountain is unusual, the cliff breaks the precipice, the structure is suddenly, under the reflecting of the waterfall, flowing springs, a sea of clouds, the light of lakes and the different view of four seasons, seem to be to divide the outside delicate strange. It is constituted by nine greatest ridges and peaks which are Baiyue, Qingshi, Qiyun, Baixiang, Qishan, Taishan, Nanshan, Yuanshan and Wanshoushan, is divided into the five greatest tours areas which are Yuehua Street, Loushangluo, Yunyan Lake, Nan Mountain and Heng River. The landscape of Yiyun Mountain is strange and moving, there is various strange peaks, strange rocks and holes, and ponds, springs, waterfalls and lakes, the Xianglu Peak of outstanding wood, the stone bridge rock, the cloud rock lake of the unfathomable fairies cave, beautiful and slender quiet that rival nature, throw the bead curtains spring that the gold spreads the jade to most make persons the absolute move to feel fascinated.
Qiyun Mountain is one of the Chinese religion of Taoism four famous mountains, had the beautiful name of the small Wudang, in Tang Dynasty, the religion of Taoism was streamed into this mountain, in Sung Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty, the property was established firstly, in Ming Dynasty, Zhangzhenren received the aim to halt to stay in Qiyun Mountain, set up to beg, finished the rules of Taoism and fix to set up temples, the joss stick was more prevalent, gradually became the religion of Taoism activity center in China-Nan, the Yuehua Street that the Jiajing Emperor set up for the corpus on was a Taoist priest and pilgrim to look forward to the holy land, Qiyun Mountain from Jin Dynasty toward up to now has one thousand years, the cultural historic relic subsist extremely abundant. In addition to the 108 temples, palaces, hospitals, stations, pavilions ...etc. of the religion of Taoism, there are still 537 rocky Mo Cliff and stone tablets, they mainly distribute in the region of True Fairies Cave Mansion, the Stone Bridge Rock and Zixiao Precipice, constituting the humanities view series that makes persons look forward to.

>>Lovers' Valley- Jadeite Valley of Yellow Mountain
Jadeite Valley is called Lovers' Valley, is the main beauty spot of the Yellow Mountain Scenic Area, is also the longest grand canyon in Donghai of Yellow Mountain, and is deep 15 kilometers. A river in the valley is called Jadeite River, also is called the Love River, the source starts in the Liandan, Shixin, Tiannv and Shisun. The entrance of valley is at the side of 205 National Freeway, is apart 6 kilometers from the front door of Yellow Mountain, the transportation is very convenient.
There are more than 100 delicately, beautiful and incomparable ponds which are consumedly beautiful such as jadeite, colorful bead, the quickly passing time overflow colorful in the Jadeite Valley, it was prized that is the pond in the human life like fairyland, and it is the best water the world by the people. It is one of the main views of Chinese Yellow Mountain which is the culture of world and natural inheritances. If you did not visit in the colorful pond in the Jadeite Valley, can't call you have been to the Yellow Mountain. The Yellow Mountain is great and strange, seeing the Lotus and Tiandu, the beautiful dream of the Yellow Mountain floats from the colorful pond in the Jadeite Valley necessarily.

>>The Shimen Canyon of Yellow Mountain
It is a mysterious grand canyon in the north of the Yellow Mountain, is one of the main views of world culture and natural inheritances--- Chinese Yellow Mountain. The canyon is deep 10 kilometers. The group of mountain peaks show in valley, strange stones stand, the ponds, waterfalls and ponds spread densely, the primary forest is thick, the mountain flowers are beautiful, floating the joss-stick all the year round, the rare birds and animals dwells for rest in them, is the divine spot which is filled with the natural and wild interesting to visit the mountain and play water wonderfully.
The peaks in Shimen Canyon are strange and beautiful. Such as: The Bushifeng Waterfall floats like line, Woyun Peak with cloud now, the Baihe Peak five hug to each other, the Yunv Peak five beauties stand together, there are still 36 peaks like Lingxiao Peak, Bizhan Peak, Yuanren Peak, Yifan Peak etc. Thet are all outstanding and pretty.
The stones of Shimen Canyon are much and strange. Such as: Shuangjiyingbin of the wayside, the gold turtle look the moon in the pines, the Xiannvqianshou on the precipice, the pretty girl bath spring in the pond, the love longs for the monkey, funny Donald duck, the Feilong Canyon in the sky, a glimmer of day that is long and the huge Shengnong statue that sits in the apex to smile, they are all lifelike. The water of Shimen Canyon is gorgeous. Such as: The Pretty Girl Pond is clear such as the crystal, the Inebriating Fairy Pond likes the flowing cloud, the Yuchan Pond is beautiful such as the jadeite, the Gold Turtle Pond is beautiful if the colorful and the Bead Fish Pond is gorgeous such as the rich brocade, Yunya Waterfall floats if the silk, everywhere is brilliance shines on the person. Shimen Canyon is abundant colorful world of sensual pleasures, so it is called All Flowers Source again. A world of stone show, the yellow mountain is a strange beauty again.

>>The Guniujiang Natural Sanctuary
It locates at the boundary of Qimen door County in Huangshan City and Shitai County in the region of Chizhou. The area of the sanctuary is about 30 square kilometers. It is one of 274 forests and natural and wild animal sanctuary of whole country.
The mountain of Guniujiang Scenic Area certainly steep, the gutters are horizontal, thousand peaks shows, and the landscape is exquisite. There is the folk song"36 greatest branches, 72 small branches, the branch and branch wreath connects the wreath, a small branch of big branch" in the region, its natural landscape is strange, can see from here. The main peak is Guniudajiang inside the area, the elevation is 1727 meters. On the peaks the strange stones are strange, the ancient trees hide the sky, the waterfalls and the flying springs, throwing the bead and splashing the jade, the rare birds and animals go through in the interval, the body faces its environment, having the unique and free from vulgarity feeling greatly. Excepting for the main peak, the famous beauty spots still contain: Zhangtainao, the east and west databases, the Lixiwu, the Gold Silk Hole etc., its landscape is as well versatile, it makes persons linger.
The Guniujiang, the Yellow Mountain and Qingliang Peak are all on same degree of latitude, the volume of rain often is greatly, forest and grass are prosperous, the cloud and mist round, as a result became the special views of sea of clouds, cloud river, cloud lake etc. Although a sea of clouds here is not grand than a sea of clouds in Yellow Mountain, also has the vehemence, bears to ponder; Cloud river all become in the mountains, turns and twists, graceful and strange. Stand on the top of the mountain and look down, imitating a silver line to flow slowly in the canyon, sometimes again take off the mustang, roar and shout to dash about, makes persons flow and ebb of emotion, the shot stanza praise. As for Cloud Lake, then become in the basins, spread cloud and fold fog, the group of mountain peaks surround, the spring onion makes. Sit quietly to look, then have another a lot of lingering charm, the Guniujiang still appears miraculous and multicolored light of Buddha accidentally, if the visitors are lucky to run into, then will even feel satisfied chance to enjoy seeing, not falsely this trip.
The surroundings of Guniujiang are natural botanical garden and zoos. There are big area ofoften green and broad-leaved wood in subtropics here and the precious and rare plants and the animal resources. Such as the Ezhangqiu, Nanshuanzao, Sanjianshan, Nanmu of Yellow Mountain, Qingtieliu, Xiangguoshu...etc., still the big area of the pines pure wood of the Yellow Mountain. The mountain flowers bush in the woods, the species are numerous, vie with each other to put, the source of vitality is full of life, make persons not connect. Its rare birds and animals contain sika deer, mandarin duck, white Xian, Shumenling, goldfish leopard, black Tu, pangolin, the big Lingmao and small Lingmao etc. It is still the kingdom of snakes, according to the investigation, there are 33 kinds, it is seldom seen not only in the region of Eastern of China, but also in the whole country.
The Guniujiang since is a famous natural sanctuary of our country, is one sacred mountain tour scenic area that can't get much again. The green hills and blue waters here depend on mutually, the clouds and mist is constantly changing, in steep seeing gentle and soft, pretty win serene, peculiar medium is tranquil and enjoyable, is actual a ideal tour place to make sight-seeing trip. If ascend the peak and look around, from the near to the distant, the beautiful views are at very short distance; The Yellow Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain are far away within sight; Changjiang River likes the white line, winding around in one thousand peaks, just like a long beautiful landscape painting. It makes visits think much and moving.

>>The Lovers Lake- The Peace Lake in Yellow Mountain
Jadeite of China-Nan---- The Peace Lake which has the name of Yellow Mountain Lovers locates in the north of Yellow Mountain Area, its south side depends on the Yellow Mountain, its north side is close to Jiuhua, is the necessary highway from Jiuhua Mountains to the Yellow Mountain. It also has good reputations of " Yellow Mountain in water"," eastern Geneva"," the jadeite that have not yet to chisel and carve" again.
The Peace Lake is an artificial lake, is 80 kilometers long, the most breadth is 4 kilometers, the narrow place is 10 meters, the average depth of water amounts to 40 meters, the deepest place amounts to 70 meters, the total area is 88 square kilometers, it can retain water for 2,800,000,000 sign the square meters, is the biggest artificial lake of Anhui Province. The Gongxin development area of Guangyang View District is the tour reception center of Peace Lake. Going out the Gongxing Gulf not far, it is the Guangyang View District.
The lake surface of Guangyang View District is comprehensiveness, the landscape reflects mutually, green such as jadeite. The mountains, trees and water are all green in the view area, is bluish green blue purity; The countries and villas in villages on the shore give up to pour to reflect in the water of the lake, as if the buildings in water, like the natural water ink paintings. The Taipinghu big bridge which was set up in lately is in the west side of the lake area. The Huangjing View District is the essence view area of the Peace Lake. The green hills and blue waters in the view area reflect mutually, the islands are wrong to fall with the result that, present the chess cloth, are the charmingly feminine, demon and soft. There are beauty spots currently like the Deer Island, the Monkey Island, Snake Island, Crocodile Pond, the Gold Island etc., and can taste various fresh seafood of the Peace Lake here, increases wild interesting for your tour.
Sanmen View Districts" water green Luo take, mountain, such as bluish green jade clasp, " and has the view of" Peace Lake Yangtse gorges". The mountain wreath water round in the view area, the pleasure boat folds to crawl forward, sometimes contains" the mountain heavy water replies to have no road, enchanting sight in spring time again one village" it delude. The region of Machuan River in the view area is the ground where the logistic organization of Xinsijun once lived.
The Fairies Cave of Qiao Mountain locates on the east coast of the Peace Lake, is long 3200 meters, and is the limestone rocky hole. It is "S" form, there are the north and south two entrances, is divided into three parts of front, medium, back. Follow the entrance to go toward to develop for 800 meters visiting distance currently, is divided into 104 beauty spots of nine view districts, such as the Pantaoyuan, Doushuai Temple, Ling Mountain, the Yao Pond...etc., return to wreath up and down, it is just an underground palace.

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